Over the years I have worked to streamline my design process...  I've learned that no two projects are ever the same and that the process is rarely a straight line.  I start with the same approach and intention for each client and fine tune along the way as each project usually takes on a life of its own.  As a full service interior design firm I like to take the project from the beginning to final installation.  Here is the process outline...

+initial meeting - The initial design consultation is a launching pad for every new project.  At this meeting we will discuss and review your design goals, find out what is currently working in your space, what could be better, and develop a scope of work from our conversation.  We will talk about how you’d like your space to look and feel, and the style direction that you have envisioned or how I can help in creating a particular look.  We will touch base on your budget comfort zone and review how I work as a professional interior designer. 

+preliminary design -  Initial concept images, finishes, and anything that pertains to the design will be gathered.  A floor plan and elevation(s) will be drawn and used in the process of planning and sharing ideas.  Here we will develop the design together.

For a furnishings project:  this will include a floor plan with furniture layouts and a preliminary budget.

+next - documentation - Once we finalize the design - layout, finishes, lighting etc ... I will add notes, dimensions, and details needed for construction to the final drawings.  I will also create schedules for fixtures, finishes, lighting, and furnishings that will correspond to the drawings.  This package will be used throughout the construction process for building, purchasing and installation.  For a furnishing project:  this will include putting the approved furnishing on the plan to scale. 

+build and order-  A pre-construction meeting with our documentation will provide the construction team with the information they need to purchase materials and implement our design.  For a furniture project:  Once the final proposal is accepted, furniture is purchased and lead times will be established.

+Installation - For a furniture project - Once all the items have arrived we will schedule an installation day.  This is the day that we bring everything over and set up your room(s).  I usually bring accessories with me to set up on the same day or days that closely follow.


space planning and furniture layout

furniture selection

bath and kitchen remodel

accessories, lighting, window coverings, and art selections